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Luxury Wedding Films

Capture your love story with our signature timeless cinematography.

Your wedding day is a day to remember for the rest of your life. Our photos and videos can help immortalize those beautiful moments for years to come. We offer multiple packages for both video & photos and can add on extra services based on your needs.



The Full Wedding Experience


3 Cameras
1 Camera Operator

Wireless Audio
6 Hours of Coverage

3-5 Minute Film

Starting at $2,700

Diamond Package

4 Cameras
2 Camera Operators

Wireless Audio
8 Hours of Coverage
Drone Footage

5-10 Minute Film
1 Minute Social Media Edit Delivered 24 Hours after the wedding

Starting at $3,700

White Dress Package

5 Cameras
2 Camera Operators

Wireless Audio
10 Hours of Coverage
Drone Footage

15-30 Minute Film
3-5 Minute Film
1 Minute Social Media Edit Delivered 24 Hours after the wedding

Starting at $4,700


"Believe me when I say “look no further” Daniel and his assistant worked through a very hot wedding day and did it with so much enthusiasm. When issues arose due to my wedding planners poor planning Daniel worked around the problems such as poor lighting and finding a solution for us. I can’t express how sad I felt about my wedding planner dropping the ball on ALL of the event planning and interfering with my photo and video time but Daniel really made sure to capture the best moments of it all!!!! I cried more watching his video than at my actual wedding. White Dress Cinema absolutely captured a perfect video and has made me forget all the bad ! Worth the extra penny a wedding can cost ! Daniel even went as far as offering me an additional shoot to make up for the lost daylight, he could have easily just said “sorry not my problem” but he really wanted me to be happy as a client and for that I’m thankful and very appreciative of his services. Awesome team !!! Truly an A team !!!!!"


Atchison Wedding

"I am speechless of how an amazing wedding video can turn out so beautiful. Daniel, is such a nice, and well organized videographer. And what can I say about his editing, it is top notch. He makes sure he captures every unforgettable moment. Thank you so much White Dress Cinema."


Zamora Wedding

"We hired White Dress Cinema for our wedding film and they went above and beyond.... Their professionalism, how easy they all were to work with, the fantastic quality of video and drone footage really blew our minds! We would recommend them to anyone and we absolutely would love to use their services again!"


Brown Wedding

"Excellent quality! We were so thankful that White Dress Cinema was able to film our wedding. What beautiful memories the video was able to portray. The clarity of the video really stuck out to us. White Dress Cinema was so easy to work with. Turnaround time was quick. The editing was straightforward yet beautiful."


Roybal Wedding

"You have me in tears.. I LOOVVEEEE it.. Thank you!"


De Ramos Wedding


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